Academy of Independent Medical Examiners, Hawaii
Aiming to Advance the Specialty and Quality of Independent Medical Examinations in Hawaii

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Follows is a list of members with level of membership in parenthesis. For a description of levels of membership click here.
Members who have no designation after their names have not yet applied advanced level of membership.You may click on members with blue underlining to get more information about them.

Deborah Agles MD
Peter Bianchi PhD (Member in High Standing)
Francis Brewer DC (Fellow)
Christopher Brigham MD (Master Fellow)
Clarissa Burkert MD (Fellow)
Dennis Crowley MD
Stephen L. Demeter MD
Peter Diamond MD (Member in High Standing)
Lorne Direnfeld MD (Master Fellow)

Charles Donovan

Byron Eliashof MD (Member in High Standing)
Brian Goodyear PhD (Member in Good Standing)
Robert Harvey MD
Frank Izuta MD
Ronald Kienitz DO (Fellow)
Peter Lum MD
Chet Nierenberg MD (Master Fellow)
George Plechaty MD
Jon Scarpino MD
James Scoggin III MD (Member in High Standing)
Boyd J. Slomoff MD (Member in High Standing)
Charles Soma MD (Member in Good Standing)
Mark Stitham MD (Member in High Standing)
Lance A. Yokochi MD