Academy of Independent Medical Examiners, Hawaii
Aiming to Advance the Specialty and Quality of Independent Medical Examinations in Hawaii

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NEW! An ongoing educational program for AIMEHI members.

NEW! Code of Ethics, Click here

NEW! Membership levels Click here

Reminder to AIMEHI members. You are responsible for keeping your email address current. If you are not getting regular emails from our list it is probably not current. If you need to update your email address click here to send your current email address.

As of March 14, 2002, it is now an official requirement that you keep your email current and accessible to other members. You must keep your email address current to maintain membership. This is different than the previous policy.

The best way to keep most current with AIMEHI affairs and to get email addresses of other to review all email on AIMEHI list. You can do this by logging onto the email list at You must be currently a member of the list (all AIMEHI members are) AND register wtih yahoo.

A general membership Meeting was May 2, 2002. A big Mahalo to CHART for help sponsoring that meeting! We have replaced general membership Meetings with Educational Meetings which are held approximately quarterly.

Our last general membership meeting was November 5, 2007 at Pasta Bastas. It is anticipated general membership meetings will be held only occasionally with most meetings being CME programs

Following is the new AIMEHI code of conduct. It is official. Members are encouraged to print a copy sign it and send it to AIMEHI. Members that send a signed copy to AIMEHI may state they subscribe to it's code of ethics in any writen or verbal communications (eg CV's, reports, letterheads, depositions etc).

For printable PDF version Code of Ethics click here

For Word version Code of Ethics click here.

AIMEHI (Academy of Independent Medical Examiners Hawaii) Code of Ethics

1) I will be honest, objective and impartial in formulating my opinions. I will clearly explain the basis for my opinions.
2) I will make a conscious effort to educate others, including physicians, attorneys, claims adjusters, arbitrators and other interested parties, regarding the principles and protocols involved in the IME process.
3) I will make every reasonable effort to be accommodating and available for any subsequent adjudication of the case, should it extend beyond the parameters of the original evaluation and report.
4) Although no doctor/patient relationship exists in the IME process, if a health threatening condition is discovered, I will bring this information to the examinee’s attention and instruct them to seek appropriate medical care.
5) Fees for my professional services will be based on time, expertise, and complexity. They will never be based on the outcome of the opinion.
6) If conflicts arise in performing Independent Medical Examinations I will strive to do what is right and honorable.
7) I will be respectful in all professional communications.
8) I will treat all examinees with dignity and respect.



( Effective March 20, 2003)

To Print a membership application in PDF Format Click Here
To Print a membership application in Word Format Click here

The membership requested a simpler version of membership levels. In this current iteration,
there are four active levels.

G Good standing
H High Standing
F Fellow
M Master Fellow

Most new members would start out at Good Standing. But it would be fairly easy to move to High Standing for those that are serious about IMEs. Some would qualify for Fellow and only a few would qualify as Master Fellow. In practice most members would be G, H, or F. Thus we basically have a 3 tiered system.
Occasionally a member might be honorary or emeritus.

AIMEHI leadership has adopted a level of membership system.
Here are the reasons:
* Recognizes and encourages service to AIMEHI.
* Encourages overall functioning and longevity of AIMEHI.
* Rewards those Examiners who are serious about IMEs
* Allows entry level examiners access to the resources of AIMEHI
* Enhances the credibility of the organization.
* Avoids a credentialing process, which AIMEHI simply does not have the resources to undertake.
* Encourages Education.
* Is not a rating system of quality or ability.
* Increases the pychological "investment" of the examiner to AIMEHI
* May satisfy others who have "rated" Examiners on a de facto basis.
* Shows others we are serious about the IME process.
* Enhances professionalism and the concept of the IME specialist
* This is a service that has been requested by those in the community that deal with IME’s.

Following is the new official AIMEHI levels of membership.


Level G

Performs IME’s in Hawaii
Practice Requirement: Must be currently practicing
Education Requirement: Minimum 2 educational activities per year (preferably 2 AIMEHI, CME sponsored activities but minimum of one AIMEHI and one other). To satisfy this requirement, the applicant must convince the membership committee that applicant is active in and supports CME activities in the IME field on an ongoing basis. This requirement may be waived or modified for first year first time AIMEHI members.
Has Current Email Address accessible to other AIMEHI members and is responsible for reading notices sent about AIMEHI activities via email.
Has demonstrated knowledge and desire to perform quality IME’s
Endorses AIMEHI Code of Ethics

Level H

All of the above plus
Currently Licensed in Hawaii
Member of AIMEHI minimum 1 year
Minimum of 3 years performing IME’s
Practice Requirement: Must be currently practicing. Most or all of Practice is in Hawaii currently or in recent past.
Advanced Credential requirement: Evidence of advanced independent examiner credential by a National Body. An example would include Certification by American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. Psychiatric or Psychological credentials in the field would also satisfy this requirement
Has performed at least 50 IME’s in Hawaii
AIMEHI service requirement: Has contributed to AIMEHI substantially on an annual basis (e.g. participating in Email discussions, committee work, organization, legislative testimony etc.)
Educational Requirement: Lectured or Organized IME Medical Education
Samples of IME’s Reviewed by membership committee
Expert Requirement: Has been certified as medical expert in Hawaii or Federal Court minimum of 1 time (may be waived by committee if there is other evidence of expert ability)

Level F

All of Above plus
Member AIMEHI minimum 2 years
Performed IME's Minimum 7 years
Performed 1,000 IME’s in Hawaii
Practice Requirement: Must have had substantial Clinical and IME practice experience.
AIMEHI service requirement: Has contributed in an outstanding manner to AIMEHI (e.g., officer or committee chairman, or substantial legislative effort)
Education Requirement: Has organized major IME education course in Hawaii or been Principal presenter
Expert Requirement: Has been certified as medical expert in Hawaii or Federal Court minimum of 5 times. (May be waived by committee if there is other evidence of expert ability)

Level M

All of above
Member AIMEHI minimum 2 years
Performed IME’s minimum 20 years
Performed over 2,000 IME's in Hawaii
Practice Requirement: Minimum of 40,000 Career Clinical Patient Encounters (Not IME’s). Need not be currently practicing.
AIMEHI service requirement: Exemplary services to AIMEHI (e.g. President of AIMEHI or exemplary time or other contribution)
Education Requirement: Has organized major IME education course in Hawaii or been Principal presenter. In addition has in some other way contributed to IME educational process such as by written means (e.g. authoring or editing educational material). Exempted from above ongoing 2 CME per year requirement but strongly encouraged to participate.
Expert Requirement: Has been certified as medical expert in Hawaii or Federal Court minimum of 10 times. Preferably has qualified and testified in more than one jurisdiction. (E.g. Federal and State Court)

Has been a member of AIMEHI in any category and is retired or semi-retired from performing IME’s

Honorary Member
Awarded at discretion of membership committee

Level of Membership Guidelines:

The membership level system or other descriptive category should not be used as a basis on which to judge the reliability of the individual examiner’s opinion. The membership system does not imply that the quality of services that examiner may provide is superior to any other.

AIMEHI makes no representations or guarantees with regard to the individual certifications/qualifications of its members.
AIMEHI is not an accreditation body and should not be viewed as such. Its membership system should not be used as the basis for selecting an examiner to perform services. The level of membership more accurately describes the experience and commitment to AIMEHI.

Membership Discretion and Equivalency Principle:
The Membership Committee will have the sole authority to grant advanced levels of membership based on its discretion in following the established levels of membership. The Committee will have broad discretion in interpreting the membership level requirements.
In addition to the specific requirements, the Membership Committee will evaluate the application overall to determine if the applicant fulfills the spirit, as well as the letter, of the level of membership. For example, if an applicant exhibits outstanding merit in one area of the requirements but less in another, the Committee may still grant the higher level of membership. There is, however, no obligation to do so. Conversely, an applicant may satisfy all the technical criteria, but if the Committee feels that overall, the applicant does not fulfill the spirit of the level, the application may be denied.

The Membership Committee will have broad discretion in the application of the Equivalency Principle. If an activity or requirement is felt to be equivalent to a listed requirement, the Committee may still grant the advanced level of membership.

Application Process:
Applicants may nominate themselves to the Membership Committee for an advanced level of membership. For categories of High Standing or above, the Membership Committee may post the candidate’s name on the e-mail list and invite comments from the general membership and other listers.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to deliver a hard copy of their application to every Membership Committee member, as well as the AIMEHI president.
An interview may or may not be required.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to document all criteria relevant to that level of membership. If the applicant feels a specific requirement should be waived in his or her particular case, or that he or she has an equivalent qualification not specifically listed, then the applicant should document this in writing. The Membership Committee will have sole discretion in determining if the criteria or a suitable equivalent has been met.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to document all membership requirements prior to application. It is the applicant’s responsibility and promise to certify the accuracy of all relevant material with regard to membership. The Membership Committee will review information provided, but is not responsible for certifying its accuracy.
For Fellows and Master Fellows, the current practice requirement is waived. With regard to Fellow and Master Fellow levels, the current AIMEHI president, as well as the Membership Committee, must also approve the applicant.

There will be no appeal to any other body with regard to membership decisions. By submitting their application, each applicant specifically waives any action against AIMEHI or its members. The Membership Committee will have broad discretion in its interpretation of the criteria and its decision cannot be appealed. This does not preclude the applicant from applying at a later date.